Monday, November 8, 2010

Girl By The Window

A tattered and torn Good News scripture she held
a subtle smile for the biggest jokes the priest cracked
so near yet so far
I never believed a woman could be so perfectly packed

Right from day 1, I knew she were different
one of those species who'd landed from the 'Gelf'
day 2, day 3, days kept passing by
'Tomorrow's the day' I kept telling myself

Alas, I lost count of the days gone by
it was getting weirder and weirder
till finally the day came when I had to say g'bye
n' I said to myself, 'I still didn't meet her'

Just as I headed for the door
I happened to notice a glance
too late i noticed it was
I should have made good when I still had the chance

'N now, we're two worlds apart
don't know whether I'm gonna see her again
so near yet so far
the only satisfaction is that I'm filled with no pain