Monday, February 27, 2012

Coincidences & The End Of The World

I meet one of my colleagues' girlfriends and her striking similarity with one of my schoolmates immediately hits me... so much that I loudly remark about it... and then I come home and I get a text... from a schoolmate who's come down to India from Canada for holidays... and this schoolmate was the exact same schoolmate who I thought looked like my colleague's girlfriend... coincidence??... the limits of it I'd say!...

And then there's the other coincidence too... the sad one... V's getting married... Ghostrider II is out... I send a "hi... long time!" mail to V just a week before she gets engaged... yes... 2012 is the year of the apocalypse, and the end of (my) world has just happened...

Funny thing... the day my friend tells me about the engagement, I was watching this crappy movie (which I think was called 'Vinaythandi Veruvaaya') about a Christian mallu and a Tamil Hindu... the guy is an engineering student, and the girl is the older one... both want to get married but fear opposition from society... and in the end they part ways... coincidence again???...

And oh yeah... thanks to an idiot friend of mine, the fact that I'm "schizophrenic" is published in our office newsletter, and the whole world "knows".... great!!... 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Supermarket Girl

The moment I lay my eyes upon you
I knew you were the next GBT window
One moment you were there, the next out of view
Tryin' desperately to avoid the hungry glances that fell upon thou.

When you changed lanes I should have known
That cover all I had was fully blown
But then if I'd opened my mouth n gone with the flow
No more would you have been a girl by the window.

Yes, that's how life has been so far
Never attempting to get at par
You're gone once and for all
And here I am, yet again having failed to take the call...