Monday, June 23, 2014


Well now that it is 2014, and it is Counter-Strike (referred to as CS hereon) season at my workplace, what better way to throw in my first post of the year than to write about the greatest game invented by mankind itself!...

From my observation while playing whatever CS I've played so far is that there are 13 types of CS players in all. Here goes...

  1. The Veteran - claims to have been playing the game ever since he learnt to say the letters 'A' and 'B'.
  2. The Strategy King - takes care of the strategy planning. Expects all of his teammates to follow his orders.
  3. The Psychic - claims to know where exactly the opposing team would be headed at the start of the round itself.
  4. The Angry General - gets extremely pissed off when a teammate gets killed or doesn't stick to team strategy.
  5. The Splurge King - spends extravagantly. Busts all cash on whatever weapons are on sale. At the end of two deaths, is left with a good-for-nothing pistol and cash just enough for, maybe, a helmet.
  6. The Miserly Tactician - is the exact opposite of the above. Spends on cheaper guns at the start and then builds his way up through the weapons list.
  7. The Suicide Bomber - never knows the right time when to get out of a bombsite when the bomb is ticking away. Ends up dying in a bomb blast at almost all times.
  8. The Desperate Vigilante - takes no cover. Is out in the open at all times.
  9. The Decorator - runs around spraying bullets all over the place. Ends up killing anyone who falls under the spray range.
  10. The Master Voyeur - has a regular hiding place. Runs to the hiding place and hides there till the round is over, no matter what, killing the occasional stray opponent that passes by.
  11. The (W)hole Fireman - is obsessed with throwing grenades and flashbangs around all corners.
  12. The Director - ends his game as quick as it had started, and then spends the remaining time instructing the remaining teammates on what to do and where to go.
  13. The Lone Wolf - single-handedly takes care of killing the opposite team and planting/diffusing the bomb. Doesn't care about what the teammates are up to.

Fire in the hole! I'm out...