Saturday, December 27, 2014

Him... And Her...

It looked like forever since he had gotten out of the confinement of his bed... He tried to reach out for the iron bars on the nearby window as he tried to stand up... Age had not yet begun destroying him, but he'd started feeling old already... He couldn't remember how long he'd been in there... His trembling hands held on to the iron bars as he slowly rose to his feet... Mist had covered the entire window... All he could see were blurry colors moving about in the outside world... Everything was cloudy, just like his mind... It had always been cloudy, ever since he'd entered that place... A few droplets raced downward from the top of the window, creating a clear trail behind it as it moved... He tried to look through those trails at the world outside... It looked different... Things had changed... Everything had changed ever since he'd entered that place... He tried to move closer to the window, hoping to understand more clearly... But the chains snapped to his legs reminded him of his limits... He had never understood why he was bound... He couldn't remember for how long he'd been living in confinement... He'd been living this way - a life bound by limits, for what seemed like forever... His eyes filled up with tears, his vision blurred... He looked longingly through the clear trails in the window... It looked like her... In the garden, in the distance... She was picking flowers... Did she look happy?... He didn't know... People like him can't see or think straight... A teardrop flowed down his cheeks as he sat back on his bed, given up on life... He didn't know how much longer he'd have to be in there...

She looked at the mist that was hanging low over the garden... It looked like the sky itself had descended... She looked down at the frail, multicolored flowers at her feet... They looked like they deserved to die... She plucked a bright yellow flower and held it in her hand as she continued on with her stroll... She lifted the flower up to her nostril to feel its fragrance, but she hadn't realized that her senses were immune to any sort of feelings... She immediately crushed the flower and tossed it onto the wet mud... Rejection... That was what crossed her mind at that very instant as she looked at the flower... The bright and beautiful yellow flower had turned pale brown as it lay there, unwanted... These thoughts made her look up at the building in front of her... It was littered with windows... Windows everywhere... And at each window, there was a man... Each a master of his own misery... Some of them in tears, some of them not knowing where they were, and some of them happy to be on that side of the window... Yet, all of them were in chains... And they couldn't see or think straight... 'This is just the beginning, I am not done yet,' she thought to herself.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Well now that it is 2014, and it is Counter-Strike (referred to as CS hereon) season at my workplace, what better way to throw in my first post of the year than to write about the greatest game invented by mankind itself!...

From my observation while playing whatever CS I've played so far is that there are 13 types of CS players in all. Here goes...

  1. The Veteran - claims to have been playing the game ever since he learnt to say the letters 'A' and 'B'.
  2. The Strategy King - takes care of the strategy planning. Expects all of his teammates to follow his orders.
  3. The Psychic - claims to know where exactly the opposing team would be headed at the start of the round itself.
  4. The Angry General - gets extremely pissed off when a teammate gets killed or doesn't stick to team strategy.
  5. The Splurge King - spends extravagantly. Busts all cash on whatever weapons are on sale. At the end of two deaths, is left with a good-for-nothing pistol and cash just enough for, maybe, a helmet.
  6. The Miserly Tactician - is the exact opposite of the above. Spends on cheaper guns at the start and then builds his way up through the weapons list.
  7. The Suicide Bomber - never knows the right time when to get out of a bombsite when the bomb is ticking away. Ends up dying in a bomb blast at almost all times.
  8. The Desperate Vigilante - takes no cover. Is out in the open at all times.
  9. The Decorator - runs around spraying bullets all over the place. Ends up killing anyone who falls under the spray range.
  10. The Master Voyeur - has a regular hiding place. Runs to the hiding place and hides there till the round is over, no matter what, killing the occasional stray opponent that passes by.
  11. The (W)hole Fireman - is obsessed with throwing grenades and flashbangs around all corners.
  12. The Director - ends his game as quick as it had started, and then spends the remaining time instructing the remaining teammates on what to do and where to go.
  13. The Lone Wolf - single-handedly takes care of killing the opposite team and planting/diffusing the bomb. Doesn't care about what the teammates are up to.

Fire in the hole! I'm out...